Givat Hashaked
Givat Hashakedאדמה אדריכלים

The District Committee for Planning and Construction in Jerusalem, headed by Shira Talmei-Babai, has decided to advance the plan for the establishment of a new residential neighborhood in the center of Jerusalem - Givat Hashaked.

The neighborhood will be located near the light rail and the Katmonim neighborhood, the Malha industrial park, and Emek Refaim Park.

The program includes 700 housing units, 210 of the total housing units in the program will be allocated for long-term rental, commercial and employment areas.

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, who pushed for the neighborhood's approval despite the strong objections of the American government, told Israel National News - Arutz Sheva: "As I promised, despite all the pressures from at home and abroad, the Givat Hashaked plan was approved today by the district committee. This plan is located in the heart of Jerusalem and is unthinkable to prevent development and construction in this area as well as all over the city. This is an important plan that will lead to an increase in the supply of housing units, employment areas and public buildings for the well-being of the residents."

Shlomi Heisler, head of the Real Estate Registration Authority at the Justice Ministry, said: "This is another significant step in the implementation of the national planning policy designed to increase the supply of housing units in the capital city."

Committee chairwoman Shira Talmei-Babai said: "The plan located in the city center implements the district planning policy, according to which the development of urban lots must be maximized in order to meet developmental needs, while maintaining open spaces. The plan constitutes a significant contribution to the addition of housing units to the city, and enhances the use of the light rail routes and outlines an opportunity for a variety of populations to enjoy quality of life and living in a proper urban environment as well as encouraging the use of public transportation."