Gantz arrives at CENTCOM headquarters
Gantz arrives at CENTCOM headquartersspokesperson

Defense Minister Benny Gantz is visiting the US CENTCOM headquarters in Tampa, Florida this evening as a guest of CENTCOM commander General Michael E. Kurilla,

Gantz will receive an operational overview of CENTCOM's operations in the Middle East, the two will also discuss the expansion and deepening of cooperation in the region in the shadow of the renewed Iran nuclear deal.

The discussion regarding the nuclear agreement itself, which Israel opposes, will take place in front of government officials in Washington tomorrow in a meeting with National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan.

Gantz will say during his visit to the US that if there is no agreement, Iran will feel free to pursue nuclear weapons without restraint - and therefore it is necessary to strengthen the cooperation together with the other Gulf countries in the Red Sea and in the airspace vis-a-vis Iran and its proxies.

The Defense Minister will also discuss with the CENTCOM commander about the ability of the US to carry out operations against Iran if it decides to go nuclear even if a deal is finalized, in accordance with the pledges of President Biden during his visit to Israel.

Along with this, if there is an agreement, the security establishment expects that Iran will transfer billions of dollars to its proxies in the Middle East and therefore a front must be established against it, to thwart terrorist activities and prevent the strengthening of Iran's proxies.