A Texas woman was miraculously rescued from her car only moments before it sank into a massive sinkhole on Tuesday, Fox News reported.

The incident occurred in El Paso. As a sinkhole enveloped a whole intersection, firefighters and residents aided the woman by pulling her out of her car as it was sinking into the water, video of the disaster showed.

The woman was successfully rescued with only mild injuries.

The video showed a group of men attempting to keep the car from further sinking into the massive pool of water as others pulled the woman out through the car’s rear windshield which they had evidently broken to get her out of the vehicle before it sank.

The woman had been trapped inside as the car descended further into the murky water.

The rest of the video showed the empty car plunging into the sinkhole front-first, with only the tip of the trunk sticking out.

"Special thank you to the good Samaritans that assisted the crews in this rescue," the El Paso Fire Department said in a statement.

The intersection was cordoned off and as of Wednesday was still closed.