Boaz Bismuth
Boaz BismuthIsrael National News

Journalist and former ambassador Boaz Bismuth announced Monday that he has decided to run in the Likud party primaries to join its list for the elections for the 25th Knesset.

"The time has come to serve the public from the Likud movement, which has always been my moral and ideological home," Bismuth said.

Bismuth served as editor of the Israel Hayom newspaper until February of this year. Several days after he resigned as editor, he told Ulpan Shishi: "I resigned from Israel Hayom because I had exhausted myself. Anyone who knows me, even on this panel, knows that this is a planned step. It is, unfortunately, because I love the newspaper, its owners and writers, and its readers, but I retired from editing the newspaper because I had had enough."

Bismuth began his career as a journalist in the Maariv newspaper in 1983 as a reporter on sports matters and later also wrote on economic matters in the newspaper. In 1988 he was appointed as Maariv's French correspondent.

Two years later, he began working for Yediot Aharonoth and was the newspaper's French correspondent. He held the position until 2004. In that year, he was appointed Israel's ambassador to Mauritania by then Foreign Minister Sylvain Shalom. He held the position until August 2008.

Bismuth served for about a decade as the foreign news editor of the Israel Hayom newspaper until 2017, after which he was appointed the newspaper's editor-in-chief. He has participated in Channel 12 News' Ulpan Shishi program since 2022.