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According to the experts, the president has two goals in mind for his trip to the region. 1, to score increased oil production from the Saudis, and 2…

Well, the second goal is not so easy to define because now we’re talking Israel, the most stable country in the neighborhood and yet always in need of being fixed.

At least so goes the thinking when diplomats and presidents visit the Jewish State.

Biden is expected to try and repair the “broken peace process between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs.”

What peace process?

Far as we know, Hamas is continuously gearing up for the next war, and the PA’s Mahmoud Abbas keeps talking about “Palestine, from the river to the sea.”

He puts his money where his mouth is as he keeps paying those people of his who murder Israelis civilians.

Bet on it that Biden will invoke the deadly “two-state solution” as the solution to everything.

Who asked? Who asked for a solution for something that isn’t broken?

Because here’s the deal…the situation between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs is as good as it gets, and as good as it will ever be.

Period. End of story. At least my story. Perhaps I’m being a pessimist or a realist. You decide, but either way, life has to go on however the obstacles.

Perfect it will never be…certainly not while the Palestinian Arab grudge against Israel keeps being renewed generation to generation.

But since oil is what Biden really needs, why not ask the Israelis to supply the fuel? Israel’s got plenty to give.

Nowhere, from what we read, is this on the agenda.

Instead, Biden will be in Saudi Arabia on a mission of mercy…. doubly so ever since Biden once referred to Saudi Arabia as a “pariah.”

Now, on bended knee, the American president will be begging King Salman to increase production for the United States.

If that’s not embarrassing enough, it was left to France’s Macron to inform Biden that the Saudis were already operating at full capacity.

Biden didn’t know this? Why not?

Maybe he ought to talk to his advisers more often, though from what we hear, he listens most to his wife, Jill, and son, Hunter.

Say this…if Joe can’t swing it with the Saudis, son Hunter would be the perfect man to pinch-hit. Hunter knows how to make deals!

He’s made them all across the globe trading on the family name.

Joe maintains that he never knew about those deals, and further, that he has never been compromised, and thus never shared the wealth.

He knew nothing about that, either. So he says.

That’s Joe all right, the man who came into office as a good guy…an ordinary Joe…then once in office joined up with the Squad for a complete turn to the Radical Left.

Our first Woke president.

No more talk about healing the nation. Rather, healing the environment.

So, on day one he began the process of putting pipeline operators out of business. Hence, today’s high prices and shortages at the pump.

Under Trump, America was energy independent…until Biden decided to “fix” this.

The border? He fixed this, too.

Until Biden came along, the border with Mexico was relatively tight and under control. Biden opened it up so that America is now in the midst of an invasion.

For all that, plus inflation, plus rampant crime, all due to Woke policies, Biden’s approval ratings are in the tank.

In fact, Woke-ism in running out of favor throughout the United States. The proof of that came when Squad member Ilhan Omar was booed by her own people in Minnesota.

Biden will be arriving to Israel with a weak hand. The Israelis need keep that in mind in the event that he comes to “fix things” for Israel and the Middle East.

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