A senior Palestinian Authority (PA) official on Sunday accused Israel of “unilateral actions in the Palestinian territories” which, he claimed, undermine the chances for peace and the two-state solution.

Hussein Al-Sheikh, secretary-general of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), made the remarks during a meeting in Ramallah with visiting US senior diplomats, reported the Xinhua news agency.

Attending the meetings were Al-Sheikh and other senior PA officials and the US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs, Barbara Leaf, and Deputy Assistant Secretary for Israeli and Palestinian Affairs, Hady Amr.

Al-Sheikh told the US officials that Palestinians "need security and stability, ending the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories and establishing an independent Palestinian state on the 1967 border."

He told them that it is necessary to abide by the peace agreements signed between the PLO and Israel and implement the UN resolutions "which have never been implemented."

The two sides also discussed the expected visit of President Joe Biden to Israel and PA-assigned territories, the removal of the PLO from the US terrorism list, and the reopening of the US consulate in Jerusalem.

Among the talking points were also the economic situation and the necessity of resuming US aid to the PA, according to Xinhua.

PA chairman Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday met the visiting US senior diplomats, telling them the PLO "is a full peace partner and had signed a series of peace agreements, sponsored by the US, with Israel."

Abbas also urged the US side to work on reopening the closed offices of the PLO in Washington, which were shuttered by former President Donald Trump’s administration, noting that the PLO "is committed to the peace process and stopping all unilateral actions."

The PA had a tense relationship with the Trump administration and had been boycotting the US since 2017, in protest of Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital and the relocation of the US embassy in Israel to the city.

However, since taking office, the Biden administration has renewed ties with the PA and had been crafting a plan aimed at “resetting” US ties with the PA.

In one move, the Biden administration announced it intends to resume aid to UNRWA as well as other aid to the PA which was suspended by the Trump administration.

In January, senior US and PA officials met virtually to renew the US-Palestinian Economic Dialogue for the first time in five years.