Nuclear Iran
Nuclear IraniStock

Iran took down two International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) surveillance cameras from one of its nuclear facilities on Wednesday, according to a report from Iranian state television.

The move was done without the consent of the IAEA.

“So far, the IAEA has not only been ungrateful for Iran’s extensive cooperation but has also considered it as a duty. From today, relevant authorities have ordered that surveillance cameras of the Online Enrichment Monitor (OLEM) be shut down,” the report said, according to Reuters.

“Iran cannot be cooperative while the IAEA displays unreasonable behavior. We hope the agency will come to its senses and respond with cooperation with Iran,” a spokesperson for Iran’s Atomic Energy Organization told the state broadcaster.

Iran’s actions were seen as a response to a submission by the United States, the UK, Germany and France to the IAEA’s governing board that was critical of Iran for refusing to answer questions about traces of uranium found at unlisted sites.

According to Reuters, the resolution will be voted on at this week’s IAEA board of governor’s meeting and is likely to pass.