Iranian missile display in Tehran
Iranian missile display in Tehran Reuters

Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) threatened on Friday to hit what it called "Zionist bases" in Iraq, i24NEWS reported.

“If Iraqi officials do not take action to remove other bases of the Zionists in that country while our security continues to be threatened from this region, we will respond without hesitation,” IRGC spokesman Ramazan Sharif was quoted as having said.

“It is our natural right to destroy any base from which any attack is carried out against the security of Iran, and this is a redline for us,” he added.

The comments followed a missile attack on the city of Erbil, which is located in northern Iraq, last Sunday morning.

The Saudi channel Al-Hadath reported that the missiles were launched from Iran and were in retaliation for the killing of two officers from the Revolutionary Guards in an air strike in Syria days earlier which was attributed to Israel.

Iran later claimed that attack was intended to target "secret Israeli bases" in Iraq.

A senior US official told The New York Times on Monday that the building struck by the Iranian missiles also served as an Israeli training facility.

Later, however, New York Times correspondent Farnaz Fassihi amended her initial report and said an official in President Joe Biden’s administration told her colleague Eric Schmidt that the earlier claim was incorrect.