Border patrol security forces (unrelated to story)
Border patrol security forces (unrelated to story)Basel Awidat/Flash90

The commander of the Samaria Regional Brigade, Colonel Roi Zweig, appeared in the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court today (Wednesday), and requested the release of the Havat Gilad military security coordinator, who was arrested by the Samaria and Judea District Police on suspicion of obstructing justice in a "price tag" investigation.

"The defendant is a security man, I am responsible for him," the brigade commander told the court. “He is one of the best military security coordinators, based upon moral ​​and professional parameters. He saves the lives of the residents every night.

“Furthermore, the incident in question was reported to me and to the brigade by the security coordinator. He reported the incident, including all the details and including the videos sent to us as well," Zweig said, adding that he trusts him.

The military security coordinator was represented at the hearing by Advocate Avichai Hajbi, on behalf of the Honenu organization. Hajbi demanded the release of the security coordinator at the hearing.

The court rejected the police request for a 6 day extension of detention, but extended the detention by 2 days. Advocate Hajbi appealed to the district court against the decision.

Advocate Hajbi said after the hearing: "The lack of vision in the nationalist wing of the Samaria and Judea District Police breaks all records. Today we have learned that they go so far as to attribute to a suspect, who for years has been working opposite them and for them, acts which for all these years he has been working with them and with the IDF to prevent. I am sure that in the coming days my client will be released and the case against him will be closed.”

Following the extended detention of the Havat Gilad military security coordinator, all military security coordinators of Samaria Brigade have announced a strike, until further notice.