One of the most popular media outlets in the Palestinian Authority is under fire Thursday, after it used the image of a slain Israeli rabbi to illustrate a piece accusing Jewish youths of attacking a PA resident.

On Thursday morning, a news item posted by the Palestinian Information Center accused “extremist settlers” of attacking an Arab minor in the city of Hevron.

“Extremist settlers assault a Palestinian child with pepper gas while he is near his family home in the city of Hebron.”

Underneath the headline, the PIC included an image showing masked Jewish youths speaking with IDF soldiers during clashes with local Arabs.

In the picture, standing behind several of the youths is Rabbi Raziel Shevach – an Israeli father of four and resident of the town of Havat Gilad in Samaria who was murdered by Arab terrorists in January.

While the accusations in the PIC item are typical for the outlet, its use of a photograph featuring a terror victim in such a context drew sharp criticism.

The image, taken by Jaafar Ashtiyeh for Getty Images, is originally from February 28th, 2012, during clashes between Jews and Arabs in Samaria.

“How, how, how?” wrote Rabbi Raziel’s widow, Yael Shevach. “How could it be ‘settlers today’ – how? He was murdered eight months ago!!!”

Yael Shevach later spoke with Arutz Sheva about the discovery that her husband’s image was being used to illustrate a PIC propaganda piece accusing Jews of attacking Arabs.

“There is nothing harder than to suddenly see a picture of your husband, who was murdered by Arabs, all of the sudden in the middle of the day. Actually there is – to see his picture being used in a negative context, as if he is still alive, and as if he is throwing stones on the people who murdered him.”

“There is no limit to the cynical mockery our enemies over on the other side will use. I think this is the absolute bottom of the barrel in terms of the use of the dead – the same people who murdered now using [my husband] to show how oppressed and helpless they are.”