Rabbi Shalom Cohen
Rabbi Shalom CohenHezki Baruch

The Shas party's Council of Torah Sages on Monday night published a call for the movement's rabbis to participate in a conference of rabbis taking place Tuesday in Jerusalem, in protest of the conversion reform.

A letter sent by the Council's President, Rabbi Shalom Cohen, reads, "Here, in recent times, when many have risen up against us, and think calculated thoughts to limit the steps of Judaism in the Holy Land, may G-d save us, and they act against everything of holiness."

"And now they have increased their conspiracy, and seek in the vineyard of the House of Israel, and to create a breach in the gates of entry to the Jewish nation, through a desire to legislate a new law to change the path to conversion according to Jewish Law which has been passed to us through the generations.

"We have an obligation and a commitment to be on guard, without fear that they will dare to harm the holiest of holy and what is dear to us, and what great merits the dead have to hear the word of G-d in this conference to strengthen the locks of Judaism...and to reject any attempt to swerve from the path of Torah."

Concluding his letter, Rabbi Cohen wrote, "With this I call on the rabbis and judges of Israel in each and every place, to take part and participate in this conference of strength... And may G-d hear our cries and destroy their plans and cancel their conspiracy."