Clashes in Homesh
Clashes in Homesh Homesh yeshiva

Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli (Labor) on Monday raised the ire of MK Nir Orbach (Yamina) when she blasted the residents of Homesh who were beaten by Border Police officers and expressed support for the officers.

"I strengthen and send my best wishes for recovery to the Border Police fighters who were attacked and wounded today. The State of Israel cannot allow rioters to run amok and harm human beings in general and those who protect us every day in particular. The Defense Minister must put an end to this chaos," Michaeli wrote on Twitter.

Orbach replied to her, "Merav, these 'rioters' are voters of Yamina, thanks to whom you are a minister in the Israeli government today."

"It is time to stop underestimating this camp of faith and values. I am committed to them in any case. If you are tired of the existence of the government, continue with this tone. It will lead us on the safe path there," Orbach said.

On Monday, clashes broke out between Israeli authorities and yeshiva students in Homesh.

Civil Administration officials arrived at outpost and began confiscating equipment owned by the Homesh Yeshiva.

Witnesses reported that clashes quickly broke out between yeshiva students and Border Police officers who were deployed at the scene to secure the Civil Administration operation.

Locals say police officers used excessive force during the operation, lashing out violently at students.

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