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In the aftermath of ADL CEO Jonathan Greenblatt admitting in a Newsweek op-ed that during his tenure at the Jewish advocacy organization, he had let his liberal ideology blind him to anti-Semitism coming from the left, Jewish leaders are calling for change to be implemented at the over 100-year old Jewish advocacy organization.

Rabbi Yaakov Menken, the managing director of the Coalition for Jewish Values, is calling on Greenblatt to rehabilitate the image of his organization – which is supposed to be non-partisan – through actions, rather than just a mea culpa in an article, and by outlining a “road map for rectifying the problems that he overlooked and allowed to incubate.”

Writing in the Washington Examiner, Rabbi Menken said that without a plan to tackle progressive anti-Semitism, the ADL will continue to fail on that front and that “other CEOs have tendered their resignations for far less serious shortcomings.”

“Just last week, Ben & Jerry’s, a unit of Unilever — which does business in Northern Cyprus, China, and Crimea, among other locations of occupation, dispossession, and persecution — announced that it would boycott Jews who returned after 1967 to lands from which they were ethnically cleansed at gunpoint in 1948,” wrote Rabbi Menken. “For this blatantly anti-Semitic action, every kosher supermarket in the country immediately pulled Ben & Jerry’s ice cream from its freezers, while the ADL said merely that it was ‘disappointed.’ How is the ADL going to halt ‘defamation of the Jewish people’ if it does less to combat it than a grocery store?”

As examples of the ADL’s focus only on the right and conservatives, Rabbi Menken said that the ADL has “grievously harmed its own image, employing a clear double standard on hate.”

“Greenblatt, for example, recently used a gross distortion of Tucker Carlson’s remarks to demand that Fox News fire him. The attack seemed less focused upon any genuine bigotry on Carlson’s part than that he’s conservative — and popular to boot. By comparison, Greenblatt had no comment when a Michigan Democrat, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, echoing lies about Israel, the Palestinian Authority, and access to COVID-19 vaccines, called the world’s only Jewish state a ‘racist country,’” he said.

He also noted that Greenblatt immediately called for Republican Rep. Marjorie Taylor Green’s removal from committee assignments based on what he called a “false claim that she’s referred to ‘Jewish space lasters.’” Yet, he pointed out that the ADL has never made similar demands regarding Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, who has been accused multiple times of spreading “classically anti-Semitic themes and tropes” and was even “lauded” by Greenblatt for her “commitment to a more just world.”

He called for the ADL to “begin issuing statements and making demands that are both focused upon anti-Semitism and devoid of political bias.”

“Left-wing anti-Semitism has gone unchallenged for too long and is spreading too quickly for Greenblatt not to pair his changed attitude with a change of direction at the ADL,” said Rabbi Menken. “Let us all hope he and the ADL have sufficient courage.”

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