Edelstein Flash 90

Health Minister Yuli Edelstein is cooling enthusiasm for the results that Pfizer reported regarding the COVID-19 vaccine it is developing.

"Even in the most optimistic scenarios, a significant amount of vaccines will not reach Israel in the coming year," Minister Edelstein said this morning in an interview with Galei Tzahal.

However, the Minister noted "we cannot reach a situation where other countries have a vaccine and we do not have one."

Regarding the next steps being considered in the fight against COVID-19, the Minister said, "A night curfew is being seriously discussed and the decision will be made in coming days. It isn't yet clear what the benefit will be and whether it will be so full of holes that sunlight will shine through it completely. This isn't a political decision."

Edelstein criticized coronavirus cabinet decisions: "The coronavirus cabinet is at a crossroads. Hopefully opening the stores was a one-time event and we'll get back on track, and if not, we will find ourselves in a new wave."

In response to allegations surrounding the decision by coronavirus commissar Prof. Ronni Gamzu to resign, Edelstein said, "It's funny to say that Prof. Gamzu had no powers. He was given powers, and he often said so himself. It's ridiculous to talk about it now."

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