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A pledge of allegiance by five or so White kids. Clean cut. Again: Clean cut.

Just like the kids whose parents the Democrats need to win in northern Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

No rings hanging from their noses, lips, or eyelids. No tattoos observable. Just five kids reciting the Pledge the way I did as a kid and still do today (also without tattoos or rings hanging from my face, by the way).

Dozens of Zoom-type squares of people — mostly young, but also adults and elder citizens — singing the Star Spangled Banner.

No one kneeling. Again: No one kneeling.

The kind of patriotism that is intrinsic in the hearts and souls of Independent Voters the Democrats need to win in northern Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

A third time: No one kneeling during the National Anthem. No one wearing African kente cloths and kneeling as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer did.

A reverend or priest prays to “Almig-ty G-d” and invokes the Christian messiah. He does not refer to the sanctity of life. To the rights of the unborn. He avoids discussing the abortion sacrament at the center of the Democrat Progressive religion. Which part of Catholicism or other Christian religious faith and practice supports abortion on demand?

In his prayer, he avoids discussing the movement among Democrat “progressives” to kill fetuses even after they are born and become unequivocal living human beings, the “progressive” movement to keep the babies “comfortable” as parents decide whether to terminate their newborn baby. Amen.

A White farmer tells us about the soybean tariffs against China impacting him. He does not tell us that China has been cheating America for more than half a century, has been stealing American intellectual property, hacking U.S. computer systems, cheating in international trade, sending outright spies into America and basing them in consulates and at universities to steal national secrets.

There was no way to stand up to the despicable cheating by China except by taking the tough stands on trade that President Trump took and that led to China blinking, buckling, and ultimately conceding on issues of trade — and on purchasing American soybeans.

Next, throughout the evening, we are treated to little brief sound bytes of Biden. “We choose [this] over [that] , [this] over [that].” I remember a Biden quote like that, but they omit the last part: “We choose unity over division. We choose science over fiction. We choose truth over facts.” He really said that.

Tonight, we are told, we are going to talk about The Pandemic, an Economic Downturn, and “Systemic” racism.

We hear from George Floyd’s brother: “My brother George was selfless.” He does not mention the selflessness of George when he broke into a Black woman’s home and pressed a firearm into her pregnant torso as he burglarized her home. Floyd’s brother asks for a moment of silence, allowing me time to write this sentence. He does not mention that, between 1997 and 2005, “selfless” George Floyd was sentenced to jail terms eight times on various charges, including drug possession, theft and trespass. In 2009, he was sentenced to five years in prison for that armed robbery invading that woman’s home. On the day of his truly tragic death, Floyd’s body was filled with restricted drugs including fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.

Next we get lectured on COVID-19, on how President Trump has not handled the coronavirus battle the way the Democrats would. Who lectures us? The inadvertent though recklessly liable mass killer, Governor Andrew Cuomo, who singularly has killed more people by leveraging Government to mishandle COVID-19 than has any other person alive. Details here. His direction killed more than 10,000 people. Governor Cuomo, we thank you for your service. And for your advice on how much better your approach to COVID would have been.

An Arizona young lady named Kristin Urquiza next comes on screen to blame President Trump for her father’s death from coronavirus. It is Trump’s fault that her 65-year-old father got infected by coronavirus and died. So now she is her dead father’s spokesperson. Did she turn against Trump just now, with her Dad dying? No. Rather, her own biography at radical-left UC-Berkeley tells us:

“I've known my primary mission on this planet since I was nine years old: to protect Mother Earth. It was then that I first learned about climate change . . . . I have dedicated my career to working with environmental groups focused on stopping the climate crisis and protecting nature. . . . I am confident we cannot enact the type of change we need without transforming our society’s definition of ‘leader,’ and I realize I am a trailblazer in the environmental movement for others like me — brown, queer, community-focused, ethically-minded changemakers; future leaders who are not benefiting from the current status quo and are ready to upend our current systems of oppression and privilege.”

This brings us to a bashing of the President over COVID. The alternative is that Joe Biden would have saved us. Joe Biden would have saved us.

There is no mention that Biden attacked Trump when the President closed air travel to visitors from China, where the coronavirus erupted and was virulent. How many more would have died if that infection source had not been cut off? Is it Trump’s fault that coronavirus exists throughout the world, that there have been “second waves” everywhere? Look at Israel, where Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gained national accolades for handling the coronavirus there effectively in March throuh May, gaining huge poll approval numbers. And then Israel reopened her commerce, as she had to, and a Second COVID Wave erupted. Now Netanyahu’s polls have sunk. This is reality throughout the world.

Next we get Rockefeller Republicans, liberals who would vote Democrat — again. Christine Todd Whitman, a former Governor of New Jersey, who has opposed limits even on partial-birth abortions. Former Representative Susan Molinari, an outspoken pro-abortion advocate. Meg Whitman, another pro-abortion advocate who supported leftist California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer, donated to her, served on a “Friends of Boxer” committee, and even next supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2016. In an op-ed during her 2010 California gubernatorial campaign, Whitman wrote: "Clearly, when examining our positions on [illegal] immigration, there is very little over which [Democrat liberal election opponent] Jerry Brown and I disagree."

And then we get poor rejected John Kasich, whom the Republican electorate roundly rejected during the 2016 GOP primaries. So now he carries the bitterness by appearing four years later on the Democrats’ show.

One thinks of “Likudniks” like Ariel Sharon and Ehud Olmert: one day in Likud, singing or standing deferentially at attention at “Shir Betar,” — look at that clip at the very end of the song — the next day ready to give up Judea and Samaria if only Arafat will take it.

Next, we get clips of Kirsten Gillibrand, Robert O’Rourke, and other dismally failed Democrat Presidential candidates. I watch for a sound byte of Gillibrand at a gay bar, like the one she visited in Iowa to yell “Gay Rights!” I watch for a “Beto” clip of him getting his teeth flossed or a flu shot, the skateboarder who “was born to be in it.” One by one, all the phony baloneys.

And then, at 10:36 p.m. EDT, Bernie the Communist:

  • This millionaire “Socialist” attacks “greed,” though it is not clear from which of this millionaire’s three houses he is speaking.
  • He talks of people of color without reminding us that he fled the demographic diversity of Brooklyn for lily White Vermont.
  • The same Bernie who supported and praised Castro Cuba, Hugo Chavez Venezuela, and extolled bread lines in the Communist Soviet Union when he honeymooned there tells us that he is concerned about Trump’s commitment to democracy.
  • He blames Trump for the economic crisis derived from the pandemic, overlooking that Trump had achieved the lowest unemployment numbers ever for Blacks, Latinos, and women and had boomed the economy until the tragedy of COVID came and destroyed economies uniformly all over the world.

Bernie is not done. He extols Biden for adopting sections of the Bernie agenda and reminds us that “the future of our economy is at stake.” He speaks eight minutes.

We then get some Zoom-type squares of some “typical” viewers, who are clapping for Red Bernie. Well, not exactly. After we see two couples clapping, the camera next shifts to a family of five sitting on a couch in front of a TV, sort of like the opening of “The Simpsons.” And none of them is clapping. Notone. It is like they are waiting for the “Itchy and Scratchy” cartoon. And then, after ten startling seconds, they look up and realize they missed the “APPLAUSE” sign. So, embarrassedly, they start clapping, but it is too late, and the camera moves on to the next “enthralled” viewers — who also initially miss their cue.

Nest it is time for Michele Obama. And she reminds us that, four years ago, the American people had a chance to extend the Obama vision by electing Hillary — and instead threw her out and freely dumped the entire Obama agenda. Soon she also is telling us about George Floyd. She tells us that “we don’t stand in judgment,” but she does not remind us that her husband, when the cameras were off, mocked Americans who “cling to their guns or religion”:

"And it's not surprising then that they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren't like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations."

She tells us that she “must be as honest and clear as she possibly can.” She — the wife of Obama — tells us that Donald Trump is “in over his head.” But-

  • We saw what her husband Barack Obama did to stagnate the American economy for eight years,
  • how Putin took the Crimea and marched into Eastern Ukraine on Obama’s watch,
  • how Obama signed a “climate accord” that imposed devastating restrictions on the American economy while allowing polluters like India and China free reign.
  • We saw what Obama did with Iran, secretly flying $400 million blackmail in cash to Iran.
  • We saw “Fast and Furious,” Lois Lerner, and now are learning more daily about how the Obama government spied on the incoming Trump Administration and used the FBI to spy.

And yet she tells us that Donald Trump, who boomed the economy, brought record unemployment lows, stopped Putin’s expansions, deregulated the economy, transmogrified America from needing to import oil from Arab dictatorships to becoming a net energy exporter — that he is “in over his head.” And we realize that Michele Obama was being as honest and clear “as she possibly can.”

And we close with a lovely Stephen Stills song we knew from Buffalo Springfield in 1966, converted with background stills half-a-century-later to an Ode to Black Lives Matter.

End of Day One of the Democrat National Convention. The rest was more of the same.

Is this what the critical Independent voters of Middle America want? One can only hope they will ask themselves that very same question because the convention’s first night may have begun by catering to them, but it ended warning them what lies in store if Biden and Kamala slither in.