Blaze in Be'eri Forest
Blaze in Be'eri Forest Nature and Parks Authority Spokesman

Incendiary balloon warfare is on the rise. Since this morning, more than 60 fires have been started in various areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip due to balloons that landed and ignited.

So far, fires have been brought under control in the area of Tlamim, Kissufim Forest, Be'eri, Sderot, Shokeda, and Ohr HaNer. In one case, a balloon landed and caused a fire near the Mekorot water company facility in the city of Sderot.

The IDF this afternoon fired at a squad of incendiary balloon launchers to deter them and prevent them from launching the balloons.

Defense Minister Benny Gantz commented on the continued incendiary balloon warfare from the Gaza Strip and sent a message intended to be threatening to Hamas:

"They would do well to stop violating security and peace in the State of Israel. If that does not happen, we will have to respond," Gantz vowed.

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