Avri Gilad
Avri GiladOren Nachshon, Flash 90

"I am careful with people's honor," said senior TV host Avri Gilad in an interview with News 13, stressing that his statement includes "every single Arab, including Nadar, who photographs us."

"I have a lot to say about the collective Arab behavior - as voters in the elections, as countries, as a culture. I criticize it, and I don't think that's racist.

"I want Arabs on the screen - just not the members of the Joint Arab List, if possible," he added. "They are my enemies - all of them - since they are all supporters of terrorism."

Gilad added: "There are people on the left who really have turned me into the most shameful thing. And in certain areas in the right, they've made me into 'their guy,' and there are also those on the right who don't understand how I can be both a rightist and also speak against [Prime Minister] Netanyahu, because that's a complexity that today is impossible in this space."

"I know that right now, in the right, some of the right has a hard time digesting me, because I both declare myself as a person with a right-wing worldview and I also really want the Prime Minister to end his term soon, if possible in a democratic, legitimate fashion. The only thing that will bring Netanyahu down is Netanyahu himself, his behavior - that'll bring him down."