Rabbi Raziel Shevach
Rabbi Raziel ShevachRenana Gottleib

The Arab news site al Quds, whose main offices sit in eastern Jerusalem adjacent to the Jerusalem District Court, reported that more than seven "masked settlers" attacked a "Palestinian" last Friday.

The picture of the "masked settlers" they chose to accompany the article includes a number of Israelis, including Rabbi Raziel Shevach who was murdered about two-and-a-half years ago by a Hamas Islamic Movement operative. The article did not specify that this was an archive picture.

Raziel Shevach's widow Yael wryly tweeted: "Hello, al Quds Ramallah News, I understand that my husband threw stones at you a few days ago. I'd be happy if you informed him that we're at the Sea of Galilee and if he's on his way would he will pass by the house to bring charcoal because we finished it .. Thank you."

According to Amar al-Kurdi, who was interviewed by al Quds, settlers attacked him with stones north of Ramallah while he was riding a bicycle with his friends, without providing evidence to support the assertion.

He also claimed they stole their bikes and broke them. It was unclear from al Quds' coverage whether the settlers stormed anything throughout the course of the alleged incident.