Flooding in the Negev
Flooding in the Negev Nati Shohat/Flash 90

On Saturday night, rain will fall intermittently around Israel, from the north to the northern Negev, accompanied by isolated thunderstorms. Towards morning, the rain will become heavier. There may be flooding in Israel's eastern and southern streams, and snow may fall on Mount Hermon.

On Sunday, there will be intermittent rainfall in northern and central Israel, along with isolated thunderstorms. The wind will pick up and snow may fall on Mount Hermon. Temperatures will be lower than seasonal average.

Monday will see local rainfall, especially in northern and central Israel. In northern Israel, there may be isolated thunderstorms, and snow will continue to fall on Mount Hermon. There is a slight chance of flooding in the Jordan Valley, Judean Desert, and Dead Sea areas. Temperatures will be lower than seasonal average.

Tuesday will see light local rainfall in most areas of Israel, and temperatures will drop to below seasonal average. There may be light snowfall on Mount Hermon.

The Nature and Parks Authority has instructed that due to the danger to life, hikers avoid entering streams both on foot and by vehicle, until the water level completely drops. The Authority also ordered hikers to avoid the banks of streams during flooding, due to concerns that the banks will collapse.