A community hit by a deadly terror attack two years ago is again in mourning, after two residents were killed in a car crash Saturday night.

On Saturday, 34-year-old Tzipi Rimmel and her three-week-old daughter, Noam Rachel, were killed in a massive traffic accident on Route 443.

The crash also left Rimmel’s husband, Efraim, and her son, Itai, seriously injured.

This morning, friends and neighbors of the Rimmels woke up to the horrifying news, which again challenges the small, close-knit community of Neve Tzuf (Halamish), where Tzipi Rimmel lived.

“We woke up this morning hearing about this awful, awful tragedy, heartbreaking, about our friend, Tzipi, who was killed in a car crash last night with her newborn baby, Noam, who was only three weeks old. And the awful condition of Efraim, the father, and the son, Itai, who are still in the hospital, still fighting for their lives,” Miri Ovadiah-Maoz, a friend and neighbor of Tzipi Rimmel told Arutz Sheva.

“Our community has suffered quite a few tragic events over the last few years. It is a small community, everybody knows everybody, it is less than 300 families.”

Two years ago, a terrorist infiltrated into Neve Tzuf (Halamish) and murdered three members of the Salomon family.

“This community has really proven its ability to find the strength to stand up and rebuild ourselves after hard and awful things have happened here,” continued Ovadiah-Maoz.

“It is crazy to think that in a moment, a family’s life can be destroyed this way.”

“This is our time as a community to find the strength to give this family a big hug and all the support that they need to continue their lives and to be healthy again.”