PM Netanyahu on Thursday made an unusual call to the Attorney General to allow a live broadcast of the hearing involving the cases against him, to open next week.

In the video Netanyahu posted, he says, "Next week the hearing will open. After three years of a flood of deliberate, partial leaks, it's time for the public to hear everything. My side, too, fully - without mediators, without censors and without distortions. Therefore, I am asking the AG to open the hearing to live broadcast.”

"I think this is what is needed - this is what Justice Melcer did with the election committee hearings, this is what President Rivlin did in relation to the discussions with the parties. These are things that give the public confidence.”

"You know that transparency gives the truth. After all, in any event there will be leaks, we already see 300 leaks with no treatment and no investigation. Therefore, this practice will continue," Netanyahu attacked.

"Well then, why should the public will be fed by partial information? On the contrary, let everything come out - not only do I have nothing to hide - I want everything to be heard. This is my request, a live broadcast of the hearing, so we will ensure justice and truth," the prime minister concluded.

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