Rabbi Simon Benzaquen (Right)
Rabbi Simon Benzaquen (Right)Courtesy Los sorenos sefarad

Why would a Spanish Moroccan Jew send his son to study in a yeshiva run by Ashkenazi Holocaust survivors?

How does one rabbi find common ground for Jews of all walks of life?

Why is there a natural bond between African Americans and the Jewish People?

Why would a retired rabbi who studied Hazzanut (Jewish cantorial singing) start performing with a rapper??

Rabbi Simon Benzaquen shares his international journey from Africa through Europe to South America and finally North America. He tells of his surprising career change after more than 40 years in the rabbinate.

Rabbi Benzaquen explains, "There aren't two peoples who are more connected and have more in common than the African American and the Jew . . . Who created the bad feeling between these two people? The anti-Semites."

Tune in to meet this soft-spoken rabbi with the slight Spanish accent tell his story eloquently and with humor.