Meyer Habib during the parliamentary debate
Meyer Habib during the parliamentary debate screenshot

A heated debate erupted in the French Parliament during a discussion about Israel Wednesday.

The exchange occurred as the Foreign Affairs Committee on Wednesday discussed a report by a delegation that visited the Palestinian Authority and Gaza.

The members of the delegation harshly criticized Israel. Parliamentarian Kristian Hotin said, "Let's try to maintain balance, we are two nations that are victims. One has a state, the other doesn't. History forgets those who do not have a state. Trump's son-in-law is not the one who will do something about this because he is still leaning in a certain direction and not the other."

Meyer Habib, a Jewish member of the French Parliament, asked "are you saying this because he is a Jew?"

An MP from French President Emmanuel Macron's party accused Habib of being "a representative of the Likud - not the French people."

Habib did not remain silent, and before leaving the debate, he slammed the members of parliament: "In Toulouse and in Hyper Cacher they killed in the name of 'Palestine.' You should open your eyes."

Later, MP Jean-Paul Lacoq claimed that Israel was instituting an "Apartheid policy" against the Palestinian Arabs.

"In France, there is a lot of talk about the apartheid policy in this area, and Israeli policy will not prevent me from saying that it is a policy of terror. They sow terror and fear among the Palestinian people," Lacoq said.

MP Habib said in response: "I am alone here, but I know more than anyone else on the issue. The Jewish people have only one state - the Jewish state that the people dreamed of for 2,000 years. We are talking a small country that is barely two provinces in France, and yet all the problems in the world are the consequences of those Palestinian areas of several kilometers? There's so much hypocrisy in this area."

One of the few members of parliament who expressed support for Israel was French Member of Parliament Claude Guézgen who said: "I want to say that I stand by my friend Meyer Habib and I wish to salute the Jewish people."

"I cannot stand what some of the people here say, what you have forgotten to say is that this is a war zone and that the state of Palestine does not exist legally," added Guézgen.

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