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Two London residents are encouraging English citizens to take the Counter Terrorism Policing's (CTP) online course, in hopes of making the UK a safer place and preventing future attacks.

According to CTP's site, "Natalie Tait and Joanette Fourie, both of London, have shared their own accounts of being caught up in the London Bridge and Parsons Green attacks, in the hope they can encourage more people to sign up to Counter Terrorism Policing’s online training package – ACT Awareness eLearning – on the first anniversary of its release."

"As Joanette personally experienced, it can change the way you react in an emergency situation for the better," CTP noted, emphasizing that "it is a package that could save your life."

According to the site, the ground-breaking training has been adopted by over 3400 businesses across the UK, "delivering the potentially life-saving information to nearly a quarter of a million people."

The course consists of six primary modules designed to teach staff about the threat to the public from terrorism and how to mitigate it, such as spotting the signs of suspicious behavior or how to react during a firearms or weapons attack.

It is free to all qualifying organizations.