A survey carried out by showed that around 18% of US shoppers went to Amazon for their Valentine’s Day gifts, followed by Walmart at 12% and Target at 10%.

Of those surveyed, 52% of customers bought candy or chocolate, followed by 44% on greeting cards and 35% on flowers.

64% of people spent on their significant other, including husbands, wives, girlfriends or fiancées – with 36% of people buying gifts for their children, parents or pets.

$88 was the highest spend for gifts and was among engaged couples and the lowest spend for single people at $50. With the average engagement costing up to $5,000 to include this might have been coupled evening of fine dining, jewelry and engagement rings.

The Valentine’s Day industry is worth an estimated $20 billion in the US and is celebrated across the world. Whilst also celebrated in Israel, it is commonly celebrated on a different day, the 15th of Av, known by many as Chag HaAhava – and celebrating might include going on a wine tour, seeing the sunrise, or going on a hot air balloon trip.

In the UK, weekends away are a popular traditional, with couples visiting areas such as The Cotswolds, Bath and Hampshire. Some couples will look at renting out country homes with other friends over the weekend, starting from £1,350 for up to 16 people (Landed Houses).

According to, women are more likely to be spending nothing (18.7%) compared to men (13.2%). They’re also more likely to be spending less, with 19.3% of women dropping between £1 – £10, compared to only 11.2% of men. Men are more likely to be dropping the bigger amounts – they’re three times more likely than women to spend more than £201 (men at 1.22%, women at 0.39%).

Those in Yorkshire and the Hunter were considered to be the loneliest this year, with 37.3% planning on not celebrating Valentine’s Day this year. This is followed by the West Midlands (35.5%) and East Midlands (33.3%). On the other hand, Londoners are the most likely to be celebrating Valentine’s Day this year (73.5%), followed by Northern Ireland (73.2%).