Two years passed
Two years passed Im Tirtzu

Dozens of high school students, IDF officers, and members of the Im Tirtzu movement took part today in a rally at the Armon Hanatziv promenade in memory of four cadets who were murdered two years ago in a terror attack.

The rally, held near the site of the attack, focused on the importance of "baseless love" and love of the land, and the legacy of Shir Hajaj who was murdered in the attack.

The initiators of the event, Herzl and Meirav Hajaj, parents of Shir who served in an elite unit in the Intelligence Corps, said: "We mark two years in the place where our Shir was murdered in a brutal attack together with three other officers.

"We demand that the government stop the games and formulate an immediate deterrence package against the terrorists and their families to prevent the next attack. In the past two years, many have joined the cycle of terror. It must be stopped immediately. The blood of the citizens of Israel is not forfeit."

"We stand shoulder to shoulder with the bereaved families from the Bocharim Chaim forum, including the Hajaj family, who despite the great destruction decided to act to prevent the next attack," said Im Tirtzu movement head Matan Peleg.

"It's customary to say of the fallen they are heroes against their will, but it must be remembered that even their families who choose life despite their constant struggle with sorrow and grief deserve the same title, the Hagaj family in the full sense of the word. A family of heroes. We'll continue to struggle together against those who seek to harm us," he promised.