Reporting directly from Brussels at the annual European Jewish Association conference, Arutz Sheva interviews Riccardo Pacifici, former President of the Jewish Community in Rome, about dealing with the changing political ecosystem in Europe.

"What's happening in Europe is a new history. It's impossible to classify European parties as Left or Right. Everything has changed"

Pacifici noted that while a particular party may have a very anti Israel stance it may very well support local Jews on issues such as freedom of religion and Holocaust remembrance. "I think it's important to study these new phenomena, especially because these new phenomena appear also on the web"

These developments must be studied, according to Pacifici, so that they can be acted upon. "I hope that some of the Jewish leadership will use there influence not just to remind the world of our victim-hood in relation to the holocaust but also bring to bear Jewish ethics to change the world and unify Europe" "We want a united Europe in the world because without a united Europe, I don't think there will be a place for the Jewish people"