a Pie of pizza, (illustrative)
a Pie of pizza, (illustrative) Yossi Zamir/Flash90

A 15-year-old resident of Jerusalem arrived last Saturday night to a pizzeria in the Bayit Vagan neighborhood, stabbed one of the workers and fled.

The worker who was stabbed (18) was treated by an MDA team and evacuated to the hospital in moderate condition.

Police, investigators and forensic investigators arrived at the scene and began a lengthy investigation, taking testimonies and searching for the suspect, while employing intelligence and advanced technological means.

Within a quarter of an hour the suspect was identified and arrested by the Jerusalem police's youth detectives.

The investigation revealed that the suspect had arrived a few minutes earlier in the pizzeria, and apparently an argument developed that led to a quarrel between him and the local worker over a pizza he wanted to buy or receive.

After the two were separated, the suspect left the scene and returned after a few minutes with a glass shard. The suspect stabbed the worker in the upper part of his body and moderately wounded him.

On Wednesday night, the police filed a statement against the suspect as part of his remand hearing. Tomorrow, the prosecutor is expected to file an indictment against him and a request to extend his detention until the end of proceedings.