Overnight IDF operation (archive)
Overnight IDF operation (archive) Flash 90

Israeli forces operating in Samaria entered Shechem (Nabulus) early Monday morning following Sunday afternoon’s stabbing attack at the entrance to Jerusalem’s central bus station.

The perpetrator, 24-year-old Yassin Abu Al-Keraa, was a resident of the Palestinian Authority controlled town of Shechem, but according to Israeli police, had a work permit allowing him to enter the Seam Line Zone outside of Jerusalem. Authorities added that Abu Al-Keraa had been illegally staying inside Jerusalem.

In a joint operation overnight, IDF units and agents from the Shin Bet internal security agency entered Abu Al-Keraa’s home in Shechem to search for weapons and other evidence. Israeli security forces also questioned Abu Al-Keraa’s relatives, including members of the PA’s police force.

Authorities say Abu Al-Keraa is affiliated with PA chief Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party, and is related to a number of officers in the PA’s paramilitary security force.

During Sunday’s attack, Abu Al-Keraa drew a knife while removing his coat at one of the entrances to Jerusalem’s central bus station and stabbed a nearby security guard.

The guard was stabbed in the heart and was evacuated in serious condition to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem.

On Monday, hospital officials reported that the victim’s condition had improved slightly, and that he had regained consciousness, though he remains in serious condition.