A policeman was documented pulling a gun on a group of haredi extremists blocking traffic at an anti-draft rally on Monday night. Haredim associated with Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach's Yerushalmi Faction had flooded the streets in both Jerusalem and Bnei Brak to protest the arrest of two haredi men for draft dodging.

In the video, the officer can be seen approaching protestors with his pistol drawn, asking "who wants a bullet" before getting into his car and driving away.

Police said in response that the officer felt threatened and that the incident was under investigation. "A preliminary review revealed that the policeman suddenly found himself in a group of violent demonstrators who gathered around him, hurling rocks and various objects at the car and blocking the vehicle with their bodies.

"At one point the policeman felt threatened and tried to drive them away. The policeman was summoned last night to his commanders to clarify the circumstances surrounding the incident."

Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach ordered his Yerushalmi Faction to protest on Monday after two of his followers were arrested for draft dodging in a routine traffic stop last week.

Police had ordered the men to pull over after noticing them weaving in and out of traffic near the Dead Sea. After checking their licenses, police found that the two were wanted for draft dodging, as both had refused to report to the IDF recruitment center to receive their deferments. Police arrested them immediately and handed them over to the military police.

After a judge sentenced the pair to 20 days in prison, Rabbi Auerbach told followers that "the entire Torah world is appalled by the arrest of these boys for studying Torah, and we will not rest until this draft decree is erased".

Police had been accused of using excessive force at an anti-draft rally in Jerusalem in early September.Videos showed police punching and kicking haredi demonstrators and throwing protestors to the ground unprovoked. One clip showed a police commander purposely breaking a demonstrator's glasses with no apparent provocation.