Female worshippers at Western Wall (Kotel)
Female worshippers at Western Wall (Kotel)Flash90

Jerusalem police escorted a 23-year old woman out of the Western Wall Plaza Sunday morning after she removed her clothes.

Police and Western Wall Plaza guards covered the young woman up as she was removed from the area and taken in for questioning.

Witnesses say the woman suddenly began stripping in front of the Western Wall, prompting worshippers to notify plaza guards.

“She came in [to the Plaza] fully-dressed,” a witness told Channel 2. “Then at one point she started to undress, acting as if she had a purpose, like she wanted to make a provocation.”

“People started to shout and cry out, and as she headed towards the men’s section, she was stopped by force.”

The guards removed the woman to a nearby restroom and called police. Officers covered the woman with wraps and transferred her to a police station for questioning.

According to the initial investigation, the woman appears to be suffering from a mental illness.

Police say the young woman has been returned to her parent’s home following interrogation and a psychological evaluation.