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Sebastian Gorka, a top counter-terrorism adviser to US President Donald Trump, may be a member of a Hungarian order which had ties to the Nazis during World War II, according to a report released Thursday by The Forward.

According to the report, leaders of an elite Hungarian order known as Vitezi Rend said that Gorka is a member of their group, and took a lifelong oath of loyalty to the order.

Vitezi Rend is listed by the US State Department as having been “under the direction of the Nazi Government of Germany” during World War II.

Though the original Vitezi Rend was later banned in Hungary until the fall of communism in 1989, Gorka reportedly belongs to a group claiming to be an ideological heir to the original group.

Gorka had first drawn attention to his ties to the group when he was seen at a presidential inauguration ball on January 20 wearing a Vitezi Rend medal on his lapel. He had explained, however, that wearing the medal was simply a gesture of honor to his late father.

“In 1979 my father was awarded a declaration for his resistance to a dictatorship,” he had told Breitbart. “Although he passed away 14 years ago, I wear that medal in remembrance of what my family went through and what it represents today, to me, as an American.”

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