Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz
Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz Flash 90

National Union chairman and former MK Yaakov (Ketzaleh) Katz told Arutz Sheva on Thursday that the solution proposed for Amona that was rejected by the residents was “a total lie”.

“The whole outline is a lie, there is no Regulation Law, Netanyahu promised but did not keep his promise,” he said. “Even if the Regulation Law passes, the Supreme Court will overturn it as it did with the Arutz Sheva Law. The Knesset passed the law, but the Supreme Court canceled it and imposed harsh decrees on us," referring to the left's ultimately successful attempt to close the right wing offshore radio station by turning to the courts to repeal a law of the Knesset regulating it.

"Netanyahu does not want the Regulation Law, and I do not know if he secretly made an agreement with Bennett and Attorney General [Avichai] Mandelblit so that the law will not pass. The public is not buying a ripoff,” continued Katz, who said that that demolishing a Jewish community in Israel is more serious than desecrating the Sabbath.

“This year we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the liberation of Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights - how can the government destroy a community? There are illegal Arab homes in Sussia that the Supreme Court ruled must be demolished – were they demolished? Hundreds of homes in eastern Jerusalem are [slated for demolition] under a court ruling – has the government destroyed them? Thousands of homes are slated for demolition in the Galilee. Is something being done? They only destroy the homes of Jews,” he said.

Katz added that he believes that the Jewish Home party will suffer in the next election because of the demolition of Amona.

"If in the last elections the Jewish Home fell from 12 seats to 8 seats as a result of partnering with Yair Lapid, the destruction of this community will knock it down even further. The public will not forget the sight of the destruction,” declared Katz, who rejected the concerns of UN Security Council resolutions against Israel during President Barack Obama’s last days in office.

"Netanyahu infected everyone with the disease of fear - what is this imaginary fear? Obama will not be around in two weeks. Enough is enough! Stop making it out to be as though the UN Security Council manages the State of Israel," he said, rejecting claims that the residents of Amona received dozens of dunams of land.

"I trust the residents of Amona who say they did not receive any real promise. I trust Rabbi Yair Frank and Avichai Boaron who conducted themselves in a fair and sensible manner. They said that they are ready to move to another house which would be ready for them on the same hill and that no one should expect them to cooperate when you want to throw them from their homes out onto the streets.”

Gush Katif residents were expelled without the government arranging new homes ready to accept them or employment to keep them financially afloat. After being thrown into various hotels without the basics needed for sustaining families, such as laundry facilities and nearby schools, many went through their savings and whatever government help there was without finding new homes or jobs. Over ten years later, not all are in permanent homes. Amona residents, besides protesting the injustice of expelling them from homes built with government aid in favor of unnamed absentee owners who received land grants from a country which was an occupier at the time (Jordan), also do not want to repeat the Gush Katif debacle.

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