Scene of shooting. Archive.
Scene of shooting. Archive. Reuters

A man opened fire at passersby at a shopping center in southwest Houston Monday morning, injuring 9.

One person was critically injured and one was seriously injured. All the wounded have been evacuated to hospitals in the area.

The shooter was shot dead by police in the area. Houston police say the shooter was a lawyer, and it was investigating whether issues at his firm may have led to the shooting. There is no indication of terror links or motives as of yet. Additional weapons were found in the shooters' vehicle.

A bomb squad was dispatched to investigate the shooters' vehicle, and then moved on to his apartment.

Jay Evans, a Houston Fire Department spokesman, told ABC13: "We received a call at 6:29 that we had a shooting at the Petco store...the first units were directed to the parking lot where the shooting was still active."

This attack follows days after Turkish immigrant Arcan Cetin shot and murdered five people at a Macy's store in a shopping mall in the state of Washington. On September 17, a man stabbed 10 people in a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota, in an attack claimed by ISIS.

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