Elor Azariya in court with his parents
Elor Azariya in court with his parents Flash 90

Will a new pathology report change the course of the trial of jailed Kfir Brigade soldier Elor Azariya?

Azariya, who is currently being tried for the death of a wounded terrorist, fired one round at the assailant after he had been neutralized, claiming that he feared the terrorist was attempting to activate an explosive device.

It has hitherto been assumed that it was the bullet fired by Azariya that killed the wounded terrorist and heis accused of manslaughter.

A new report, however, revealed by Channel 1 Wednesday evening suggests otherwise.

According to the report produced by Professor Yehuda Hiss, a veteran pathologist who formerly headed the Abu Kabir Forensic Institute, the terrorist in question was not killed by Azariya’s gunshot, but succumbed to the injuries he sustained when he was neutralized.

The report was produced following an examination conducted on behalf of the defense.

If true, the report’s main contention would contradict the heart of the prosecution’s accusation against Azariya.

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