Sarona Market attack
Sarona Market attackIsrael Police

Israeli authorities investigating the Sarona Market terror shootings which left four dead filed an indictment on Monday, revealing that the two terrorists involved in the attack were inspired by the Islamic terror group ISIS.

Investigators also revealed in the indictment that the two terrorists had been planning to strike Israeli targets since January. Originally the pair had intended on attacking train passengers; to that end, the terror cell assembled information regarding the schedules of train lines and the number of passengers during peak hours.

After plans to attack an Israel Rail line were scrapped, the two killers selected the Sarona Market just before carrying out the attack.

The two terrorists, Khalid and Mahmoud Mehamara, cousins from the village of Yatta in Judea, were assisted by a third Yatta resident, Yunis Zin, who helped plan the attack and procured the firearms used in the shootings. The three have been accused of four counts of murder, 41 counts of attempted murder, and conspiracy to commit murder.

According to the indictment, Mahmoud Mehamara became radicalized while studying in Jordan. There he developed an interest in the ISIS terror organization.

The report also revealed that the terror cell had also planned to stab Israelis, and had purchased knives and poison, which the knives were to be dipped in before use.