The leftist organization "Peace Now" on Saturday night held a rally in Tel Aviv with other radical leftist organizations against the attempt by Israeli lawmakers to stop these organizations from operating in Israel.

During the protest, the leftists called out against “Jewish terror” and against “extreme rightists”.

The leftist protesters were met with a response from the Shomron Residents’ Committee, which decided to "join in" on the march and its activists stood nearby with Israeli flags.

The rightist activists said they were present at the rally in order to call out the leftists on their "hypocrisy." While left-wing protesters rallied for “freedom of speech”, it was clear from their messages that they believe in free speech only to one side of the political map.

"We agree with the argument of free speech and therefore we too will join the march. When extreme leftist organizations do the right thing, we stand shoulder to shoulder to help," said Sagi Keizler, head of the Shomron Residents’ Committee.

"I call out all those who incite, such as the intellectual David Grossman who said, ‘I understand Hamas. They are against the occupation, and I would have done the same if I lived under occupation’, or as former Meretz chairwoman Shulamit Aloni said, ‘Netanyahu reminds me of Mussolini and is an excellent student of Goebbels’, and many more quotes by the left. Time to banish the darkness," added Keizler.