The Israel Police's Coastal District cleared for publication Wednesday, Channel 10 reported, video evidence of a gang from Wadi Ara in northern Israel, whose members stalked IDF soldiers in order to steal their weapons. 

The gang's four members are accused of following soldiers day-after-day for months as they traveled by train from Binyamina to their homes in the Sharon region, with the goal of breaking into the soldiers' houses and stealing their guns. 

The Coastal District, with the help of a Central District policeman who posed as a soldier, were able to gather enough evidence against the four to make the arrests. 

Video footage shows one of the accused trying to steal the undercover policeman's gun, whereupon he is caught. 

Northern District prosecutors indicted the four on charges of weapons possession, attempt to commit a criminal acts with a weapon, attempted robbery, and breaking and entering; it asked the Haifa District Court to detain all members of the gang until trials begin. 

The defendants' lawyer told Channel 10: "The four defendants, young men in their 20s, deny the allegations against them. We have not yet received the evidence, and when we receive it we will be able to refer more explicitly to the allegations.