Islamic State is "laying siege to America," Al-Aqsa Mosque preacher Muhammad Abed ("Abu Abdallah") insisted in two separate Friday sermons from the Temple Mount. 

ISIS jihadists are "laying siege to America, despite its nuclear arsenal," he stated, in the clip, provided by the Middle Eastern Research Media Institute (MEMRI). "They are laying siege to Europe and the fabricated democracy, the great lie."

Abed further slammed America for calling Operation Inherent Resolve "the war on ISIS," but also fighting other jihadists in Iraq and Syria, for example Al Qaeda's Al-Nusra Front. 

"They are bombing the very idea of a Caliphate, which has taken root among the people of Syria, Iraq, and other Muslim nations," he added.

He then went on to suggest that ISIS is the only vehicle for "freeing Palestine," as it were.

"Oh nation of Islam, only a real Caliphate is capable of satiating your hunger, of defending you and your honor, and of liberating your Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of defilers," he said. 

In a separate sermon, he slammed Iran for agreeing to nuclear talks, asking, "Do you think America loves you more than it loves Israel?" 

He intimated that the US has agreed to the talks and re-established a measure of diplomatic relations with Iran out of fear from ISIS. 

"America will be trampled by the hooves of the horses of the Caliph of Muslims, Allah willing," he concluded.