"Psst! The coast is clear!"
"Psst! The coast is clear!"Thinkstock (illustrative)

A dozing security guard at the Ramat Gan Safari gave three rhinoceroses the opportunity they had apparently long been seeking – a chance to escape and see the world beyond the walls of their habitat.

The animals strolled through the front gate of the Safari early Thursday, which were inexplicably open, while the guard slept.

Safari director Yehuda Bar arrived at the site Thursday and opened the gates, and then sat down at his office desk. But about ten minutes later he got a call from local police, telling him that some of his animals were on the loose.

Apparently, between the time he opened the gates and put the guard in charge, and the time he entered into the office, the guard had fallen asleep – giving the curious rhinoceroses the opportunity they needed to get “sprung.”

After a minutes on the outside, however, the animals apparently decided they were safer on the “inside;” Safari security personnel were able to round them up after a few minutes, without having to resort to a tranquilizer gun.