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Israelis' investment portfolio has reached an all-time high. At the end of October, Israelis had a total of two trillion, six hundred eighty two billion shekels (nearly $700 billion) in investments.

The figures were reported Tuesday by the Statistics Division of the Bank of Israel.

The figure includes investments in mutual funds, direct investments, and especially pension plans. The increase to a new all-time high came after a 2% rise in stock prices during October on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. In addition, a 1% increase in the inflation rate in recent months helped push the figure higher, due to the inflation-linked increase that most pension fund investors get.

Of the figure, NIS 865.5 billion was held in savings plans linked to the rate of inflation, while direct investments in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange amounted to NIS 405.7 billion.

Investments held by Israelis in foreign stock markets amounted to NIS 178.5 billion.

Other investments not linked to the inflation rate, including unlinked bonds, checking accounts, and interest-bearing bank accounts amounted to NIS 928.5 billion, the BOI said.