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Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations, Ron Prosor, said the regime in Syria was nearing its end and accused Iran of actively assisting President Bashar Al-Assad in murdering his own people.

Prosor’s remarks were made on Tuesday in a speech to the General Assembly during an emergency meeting on Syria.

“Bashar Assad is going in the way of his father even surpasses him by murdering his citizens,” Prosor said. “The regime in Damascus lost its moral legitimacy to rule its people, and Bashar Assad is living on borrowed time.”

He then went on to accuse Iran of direct involvement in the bloody war being waged in Syria.

“The Iranian dream to change the Middle East is the nightmare of the citizens of Syria,” he said. “Iran is behind the killing campaign committed by Assad. The Persian language is sounded throughout the streets of Syria.”

“Iran's Revolutionary Guards are deployed on Syrian soil and take an active part in the massacre. Asking Iran to help resolve the crisis in Syria is like letting the mafia head a murder investigation,” said Prosor, likely referring to comments made by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, who said last week that Iran can help solve the problems in the Middle East.

“You have to remember that Iran is not alone. Hizbullah works alongside it and together they are the ‘advisory commission’ which advises Assad on how to effectively slaughter his own people,” accused the Israeli ambassador.

Prosor also addressed the issue of Syria’s chemical weapons and the possibility they may fall into unwanted hands.

“You can no longer ignore the terrifying scenario in which chemical weapons fall into the hands of Hizbullah,” he said. “The international community must wake up and act without delay. This is a red line which is not to be crossed.”

He concluded his speech by directly addressing the Syrian people and saying, “No matter what country you come from, what your political positions are and what religion you belong to, no one can remain indifferent to the atrocities. Israel identifies with the suffering of the Syrian people at this difficult time and reaches out and offers humanitarian aid, food and medicine.”

Last month, Prosor fiercely attacked Syria and the Syrian ambassador to the UN. He accused Assad's ambassador of spreading lies and hiding the reality that takes place in Syria.

During his speech Prosor directly turned to the Syrian ambassador, Bashar Jaafari, and told him that he raised the art of lying to new heights.

“You're using consistently the UN podium to spread lies and gloss over reality. You deserve an Olympic medal for that,” he told Jaafari.

“People are being slaughtered every day in the streets of Syria and in your speeches to the UN you are telling us fairy tales that are unrelated to what is happening on the ground,” added Prosor.

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