In response to the horrific attacks in Itamar and Jerusalem, Rabbi Avi Weiss is planning a memorial, prayer, and protest all rolled into one at the Israeli Consulate at 42nd Street & Second Avenue in Manhattan on March 27. The event will be held at noontime.

The Mayor of Itamar, Moshe Goldsmith and his wife, Leah, will attend the event.

Organizers said that participants are asked to bring their prayer books and Israeli flags in order to:

Memorialize the innocent victims of the Jerusalem and Itamar attacks.

Pray for the recovery of the dozens of injured in the Jerusalem bombing and for the safety of our brethren in southern Israel attacked by dozens of Hamas rockets in the past few days.

Speak Out for Israel's right of self-defense against terrorists.

Protest escalating Arab terror in Israel and apparent lack of real White House concern.

Sponsors for the event include Amcha-Coalition for Jewish Concerns; Americans for a Safe Israel, Russian American Jewish Experience, and Z Street.

Information can be obtained at: (718) 796-4730.