Channel 2 anchorman visits Shomron (file)
Channel 2 anchorman visits Shomron (file)Israel News Photo

Two prominent journalists have been among the most recent visitors to the Jewish communities of Samaria. “It’s best to see with my own eyes,” said one.

Yaakov Achimeir, a senior veteran broadcaster on Channel One and Voice of Israel Radio, visited the Shomron Regional Council on Sunday, following a similar visit on Thursday by Yael Dan of Army Radio, together with Ettie Aneta, head of Army Radio’s Culture Department. Both visits were hosted by Council Chairman Gershon Mesika, together with Yossi Dagan and Boaz HaEtzni.

Achimeir commented afterwards, “Instead of hearing about the towns, I decided to come and see them. It is important to see these towns from up close.”

The day-long tour began with the Barkan Industrial Zone and the towns of Havot Yair and Tzofim. Next were the city of Ariel, the medals-winning Tura winery in Rechelim, and the pioneering town of Itamar, where Achimeir was treated to an organic meal of food produced in the town. He saw the sculptures of resident artist Assaf Kidron, and the local goat farm.

Achimeir then visited Elon Moreh, one of the oldest Jewish towns in Samaria, where he trekked atop Mt. Kabir to see a panoramic view of the entire northern Shomron and met with veteran settlement leader Benny Katzover. He completed his visit with stops in Har Brachah and Havat Gilad.

Some 200 such visits have taken place for Knesset Members, leading journalists, and other public figures. One top media personality, Menachem Benn, moved to the Shomron as a result of his visit, and another, Avri Gilad, said on his national radio show that his visit had been an “awareness revolution” for him.