Netanyahu calls for night curfew on Purim

PM: We want to prevent what happened last Purim from happening again this year.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Kobi Gideon/GPO

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu addressed his intention to impose a night curfew over the Purim holiday during a visit to a vaccination center in Acre Tuesday afternoon.

"We are still in conflict with the virus, with the rampant mutation. For this purpose, we must get through the next few days as we vaccinate the population at risk and complete the vaccination campaign," Netanyahu said.

"Therefore, I will enter the government tonight and we will make decisions. The proposal presented is for a night curfew on Purim from 20:30 in the evening until 05:00 in the morning, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. This is to prevent what happened on the previous Purim, we do not want that to be repeated," he added.

Earlier, Dr. Orly Greenfeld, the medical director of Magen Israel, told Arutz Sheva that without restrictions on Purim, there is a serious fear of a significant increase in the coronavirus morbidity levels.

"We saw in the previous Purim that there were many congregations and as a result there was also infection and outbreak of the plague. On this Purim we are in a different place from two aspects: there are many more vaccinated people, but also different mutations that infect at a much higher rate and any gathering and contact between people can lead to an outbreak," Greenfeld explained.

"We are in a very delicate place in the balance between the vaccination and contagion and morbidity rates and need to keep the morbidity from rising. Even if there are many vaccinated - the same people who were vaccinated can still transmit the virus. Therefore, we need to be on guard this Purim so that we can continue to open and celebrate Passover in the way we hope."