Sovereignty Youth preparing for mass outreach campaign

Following freezing of Israel's sovereignty plan, Sovereignty Movement embarks on broad outreach campaign.

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 5:34 PM

תנועת הריבונות

Despite the policy trend to freeze the advancement of sovereignty in Judea and Samaria, the Sovereignty Youth is preparing for a significant hasbara (outreach) campaign to take place in the coming weeks, ending before Hanukkah.

The co-chairwomen of the Sovereignty Movement, Yehudit Katsover and Nadia Matar, say that the activists will embark on the campaign as another link in the chain of activities that the Sovereignty Youth Movement has been initiating for more than two years in all parts of the Land.

“These activities have led to the recruitment of many members, who have become ambassadors of sovereignty in their various places of residence, in educational institutions and other settings. The group never stops challenging itself and understands well its role in the chain of the Zionist vision. No doubt, the Israeli leadership of the next generation will spring from here, strong in spirit and with a healthy sense of nationalism”, say Katsover and Matar.

Three leaders of the Sovereignty youth movement – Eliahu Friedman, Talia Ram-On and Itamar Yom-Tov - discussed the preparations for the hasbara campaign.

We are embarking on a campaign out of the sense that once the youth understands what sovereignty is, why it is necessary, and that there will be answers to the basic questions that arise from the process of sovereignty, the issue will burn within them and they will want to continue to fight for it”, says Friedman.

Talia Ram-On added: “The objective of the campaign is to explain the basic concepts of the topic of sovereignty to the youths in all parts of the country, get them involved and explain to them why the application of sovereignty is a feasible and important step, that must happen soon. To give them a reason to fight and struggle for this important step, that must happen, as well as basic knowledge that they will be able to disseminate onward to all the circles in their environment”.

Friedman explained that in the opinion of the leadership of the Sovereignty Youth, “Most of the youth is not aware of the great importance and urgency of sovereignty”. To provide an answer suitable to the youths’ world, the project will include a large number of channels for activity – videos, flyers, lectures in yeshivas and religious girls’ schools, activities in youth group branches, questions and answers on social networks, etc. “The project will last for two and a half to three weeks, during which the activists at the youth headquarters of the movement will be ambassadors wherever they live and study and will make the information accessible to their friends”.

Ram-On expands: “During the days of the campaign hasbara posts will be uploaded to the SovereigntYouth Facebook and Instagram pages, and short hasbara videos will be uploaded to the youths’ YouTube channel. The posts and videos will be disseminated by the movement’s youths on WhatsApp and G-d willing, will spread throughout all parts of the Land by other youths who will see the importance as a result of the hasbara campaign. Also, hasbara advertisements on sovereignty are planned in the newspapers and Shabbat leaflets”.

In addition, notes Talia Ram-On, “there will be a Sovereignty Shabbat in the various youth movements, where there will also be hasbara activities on the topic and there will be discussions on Zoom or face-to-face, if it will be possible by then, for classes/schools and other youth forums. During these three weeks, we will hold focus days for special activities such as an activity with members of Knesset, setting up booths all over the country, hanging signs, etc.”.

Itamar Yom-Tov concludes with: “During the final activity between the seminar and the booths that we did, we saw that our youth has a lot of knowledge but there is still more to strive for. The youth knows what sovereignty is, but there are still points that are gray and unclear for them. This is why the youth leadership of the youth thought of embarking on a campaign facing both outwards and inwards. The campaign will be called “Explaining Sovereignty” and its goal will be to raise the level of knowledge in our youth and Israeli youth in general”.

The Sovereignty Movement notes that the Sovereignty Youth’s media team, as well as the content team entrusted with editing and writing guide pamphlets for the youth movement and social network teams are already in the midst of work in preparation for the comprehensive and extensive initiative, which will end with the traditional Hanukkah seminar.