Security forces demolish buildings near Yitzhar

Security forces demolishing illegal structures in three outposts near Yitzhar.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Security forces demolishing buildings near Yitzhar
Security forces demolishing buildings near Yitzhar

IDF forces, the Border Police and the Civil Administration began on Wednesday morning to demolish illegal buildings in two outposts near Yitzhar.

Four of the buildings were built in the outposts of “Kipa Sruga” and “Tekuma” and the other two were built in the outpost of "Kumi Ori", and were rebuilt after being evacuated this past January.

The Coordinator of Government Activities in the Territories said that the enforcement activities were carried out in accordance with the procedures and subject to operational considerations.

A security official said, "We expect the residents to act responsibly and without violence. Any attempt to harm the forces who came to enforce the law will be met with a determined and uncompromising response."

The community of Yitzhar condemned the demolitions and said, “We condemn the demolitions of homes of families as a government ‘price tag’, and in the midst of the coronavirus days.”

Evacuating buildings near Yitzhar
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