'We will destroy all of Hamas's tunnels'

Head of the IDF's Southern Command discusses terror tunnel which the IDF demolished over the weekend.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Eyal Zamir
Eyal Zamir
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Eyal Zamir, head of the IDF's Southern Command, on Sunday evening spoke about the terror tunnel leading from Gaza into Israel which the IDF demolished over the weekend.

"We foiled an offensive tunnel that was penetrating into our territory. This is the deepest tunnel we have discovered. This fact reflects the technological capabilities we have in the Gaza Division,” Zamir said.

"This is significant and reflects a chain of successes," Zamir continued. "There is still work ahead of us and we are continuing with it more forcefully. In the end we will destroy Hamas’s entire offensive tunnel project."

Zamir also said that the goal of Hamas's tunnel was to reach Israel and carry out terror attacks.

"We will continue to act unceasingly, with great determination, with great professionalism, above the ground and below the ground, against all manifestations of violence, hatred and terror that are directed at us at all borders, and I have no doubt that with the quality of our people we will eventually win," he stressed.

"We will continue to shrink this threat until it is completely destroyed. Every such tunnel that we destroy sends a message to the residents of the Gaza Belt communities and minimizes the threats to them. This campaign continues and takes shape and we must be prepared," concluded Zamir.