Heat wave hasn't peaked yet

Despite record-breaking temperatures Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are to bring the peak of the heat.

Ari Yashar ,

Heat wave (file)
Heat wave (file)
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The heat wave that has been building in recent days as summer descends upon Israel is to reach its peak on Monday and Tuesday.

Intense temperatures and hot air pressure are to be felt in most parts of the country on Monday as the heat continues to flourish, a day after records were set.

Temperatures reached 46°C (114.8°F) in Eilat Sunday afternoon, breaking the record for May; the previous record was 45.2°C (113.4°F) in May 1980. The intense heat was accompanied by brushfires around the country.

But after a record-breaking Sunday and the heat peaking on Monday, Tuesday is to see the temperatures go down, though the heat is to remain above seasonal averages and the humidity is to rise in certain areas.

Temperatures will fall further on Wednesday and return back to the comfortable range, with the weather lending itself to outdoor excursions.

Things are to remain much the same on Thursday, and while there will be a slight rise in temperatures on Friday most areas are still expected to be pleasant.

Monday's predicted highs are as follows: 39° C (102° F) in the Golan Heights, 36° C (96° F) in Haifa and Tel Aviv, 38° C (100° F) in Jerusalem, 42° C (107° F) in Be'er Sheva, 44° C (111° F) in the Dead Sea region, and 45° C (113° F) in Eilat.