'Arabs incite on Temple Mount, I get investigated'

Activist offering to pay Jews to get arrested praying at Mount reveals police crackdown, versus silence on salaries for Arab rioters.

Eliran Aharon ,

Rafael Morris
Rafael Morris
Eliran Aharon

Nationalist activist Rafael Morris of the Return to the Mount organization was investigated by the police on Thursday for "incitement," after his group offered to pay Jews to pray on the Temple Mount and be arrested.

The initiative is meant to protest how the Jordanian Waqf has been left in de facto control of the holiest site in Judaism, and has banned Jewish prayer there. Recently Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu agreed to set up security cameras to help ban Jewish prayer, in a move supported by his coalition partner Jewish Home chairman Naftali Bennett.

Morris spoke to Arutz Sheva on Thursday about the investigation, which comes following his group's "Arrest and Win" project that provides a 2,000 shekel ($516) grant to those arrested for praying at the holy site.

He explained that the campaign is meant to encourage visits to the Temple Mount by Jews, by offering monetary compensation to those who visit the site and get arrested for praying - a strange state of affairs by which the police abide by the Waqf dictates, despite Israeli law stipulating freedom of worship.

"We were very surprised that yesterday a police officer called me up and directly summoned me to an urgent investigation today, he said: 'there's no chance of postponing it for later, it's urgent that you arrive.'"

Morris related that he arrived at the investigation "and they investigated me really for nonsense, on how we're offering money, on 'incitement,' all sorts of things that never happened."

By contrast, he pointed out that the police take a different tone "towards the Arabs who receive a salary to be on the Temple Mount and harass Jews," indicating the groups such as the Mouribatoun who are funded by the Islamic Movement in Israel and even Hamas to riot on the Mount.

He noted that "the (Arab) incitement coming from the Temple Mount isn't incitement to prayer - which isn't an awful thing, if it's even incitement - (but rather) they incite for murder and terror."

"All the terror really comes from the Temple Mount, and it's simply a disgrace to see how the police act towards Jews who demand their legitimate rights in the state of the Jews, as opposed to the Arabs who demand their illegitimate rights in the state of the Jews."

"They use illegitimate means like stabbing, incitement and murder in order to obtain their demands," he concluded.